Leaders at all levels are the chief problem solvers inside their organizations. Leaders get work done through teams and deliver value to their customers. We work with leaders to increase their skills as managers and the performance potential of their teams. We bring a personalized blend of scientific assessmentsintuitive software, management workshops, and consulting expertise to help connect people strategy to business strategy.

We offer a data-driven methodology that demystifies complexities and pinpoints vulnerabilities so you can ensure alignment, drive your team’s success, and achieve your business objectives faster than you ever thought possible. We are a certified partner of the Predictive Index methodology.


Pinpoint vulnerabilities so you can take action.


Bring validated data to your decision-making.

Knowledge Transfer

Achieve and reinforce sustained results.


Simplify your access to powerful insights.

Our approach identifies the dimensions that predict performance such as risk, pace and focus, which then enables managers to maximize results for individuals, teams and organizations of any size. We also work with companies to assess strategic alignment, assemble teams and leaders who can execute strategic plans, and measure progress. Our data-driven methodology enables sustainable, scalable, predictable growth for companies in any industry.


Michelle Kozin

Michelle has been using data and analytics to optimize business productivity for nearly 20 years. She provides expertise and counsel for strategic business decisions in a number of focus areas, including data-driven hiring processes, leadership development, team/manager dynamics, marketing integration, sales excellence, and managing organizational change.

Previously, Michelle was an executive for Predictive Index/PI Worldwide where she was responsible for all learning and enablement programs for the company’s global network of 400 consultants, as well as managing the marketing content and communications strategy for the organization. Prior to joining the PI corporate team, Michelle spent many years applying Predictive Index data to help organizations scale successfully by harnessing top performance.

Michelle’s leadership positions have encompassed sales operations and marketing alignment for rapid growth technology companies. During Michelle’s tenure as a change management consultant for Accenture, she minimized the gaps and vulnerabilities between her clients’ strategic intent and their go-to-market capabilities to improve both top and bottom line metrics. Michelle’s broad experience includes supply chain/manufacturing, hospitality, SaaS technology models, venture-backed rapid growth organizations, leadership and new manager development, culture/engagement improvement, and achieving turnover reduction for key roles.

Michelle earned a dual bachelor’s degree at Syracuse University where she was a Remembrance Scholar. She received her MBA from Babson College.

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