Predictive Advisors partners with business leaders to connect their business strategy to their people strategy.

We excel at helping identify and develop leaders at all levels who are the chief problem solvers inside their organizations.

We work with leaders and their teams to increase their performance potential so they can innovate faster, collaborate better and deliver on their strategic goals. We blend scientific assessments, easy-to-use software, management tools and consulting support to help strong teams drive growth.

We leverage the science-based Predictive Index methodolgy to create alignment, drive your team’s success, and achieve your business objectives faster than you ever thought possible.

Meet the Team

We bring together our collective expertise to provide clients the benefit of our creativity and execution know-how.  As individuals, we have held significant roles in our respective industries and functional areas. Each of us have helped to design, advise, develop, lead and implement a wide range of business plans and change initiatives. 

As PI Certified Partners, we collaborate to provide the most customized and comprehensive offering available to teams implementing the Predictive Index methodology.

Need A Speaker?

If you’re in need of a speaker for upcoming events, whether virtual or live, contact us to discuss how our facilitation skills and keynote topics could be tailored for your team’s goals.

Michelle Kozin, Founder

Michelle provides expertise and counsel to growth-focused leaders in the areas of hiring, leadership development, team dynamics, sales enablement and managing transformational change. Michelle has been using data and analytics to optimize business productivity for 20 years. She is a senior practitioner of the Predictive Index methodology, having implemented and taught it to thousands of managers during the past 15 years. 

Kyllan is a management consultant focused on Engineering Winning Teams through his unique process working with leaders to: Own and create a strategy that links its business to its people; Drive those activities needed to maximize business results; and Support their people to create a winning team. His experience over the last two decades in operations and engineering has shaped his perspective on organization development, leadership, and what is required of these teams to own, drive, and support their businesses. Kyllan brings expertise in emotional intelligence, leadership development, and coaching to his work as a practitioner of the Predictive Index methodology.

Kyllan Alwyn

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