CEO Benchmarking Report 2021
160 CEOs reveal their top concerns and priorities in a post-COVID remote world. Find out what’s caused executive teams to struggle in 2020—and what they’re doing to build dream teams that get along and get the job done in the year to come.

Understanding the future of leadership, teaming, remote work, and strategy

In September 2020, The Predictive Index surveyed 160 CEOs about their top priorities and concerns. Their answers provide a window into the minds of executive leaders during one of the most trying times in recent history.

COVID-19 has upended the nature of work. Employees are burnt out and disengaged after months of dealing with increased workloads, altered business strategies, and ambiguity. Parents are camped out at the kitchen table, trying to concentrate on work while their children are remote learning beside them. Essential workers are servicing their community while wearing masks and worrying about getting sick. And entire industries are preparing for a future where remote work isn’t a stopgap but a permanent reality.

For CEOs, these are unique challenges—and they beg important questions. How are CEOs feeling, months into the pandemic? How’s senior leadership holding up? Are teams prepared for the work ahead? The following study dug deep into these issues, revealing a common thread: Executive and critical teams are struggling to get along and deliver on strategy

With 2020 nearly in the rearview mirror, CEOs are focusing on what’s ahead. The stakes are high, there’s work to do, and teams must accomplish more with less. To succeed, leaders will need to rely on their people more than ever and build dream teams that get the work done—no matter what the future holds.

After reading this report, you’ll understand what’s stressing CEOs—and why team cohesion is a top priority.

2021 is a whole new ballgame for CEOs and their teams. The findings in this report will open your eyes to the unique challenges executives are facing in a post-COVID world. You’ll discover what’s fracturing senior leadership and why team cohesion is critical to success. You’ll also learn how to build dream teams that work like magic—using talent optimization.

Team stress and the need for cohesion

“The coronavirus has put an unprecedented strain on executives and their people. Teams that overcome the stress and grow closer in spite of it will be all the stronger.”

– Allison Siminovsky, Ph.D. Director of People Science at The Predictive Index

Executives are leading all-new teams.

69% of companies restructured their teams during the pandemic.

While COVID-19 has radically altered life at home, it’s also forced companies to make tough decisions about their workforce and teams. The study began by asking CEOs to what degree the pandemic has forced their business to restructure. Sixty-nine percent of those surveyed said their company suffered layoffs or furloughs since March 2020. Of the organizations that restructured, 28% let go at least one-fourth of the company.

What percentage of your company’s employees have been laid off or furloughed since March 2020?