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Excellence in selection is a hallmark of successful companies. But most hiring managers haven’t developed a reliable approach to choosing the candidate with the best likelihood to excel. The true cost of a bad-hire can average between 30% to 500% of the annual salary of a position.

An accurate fit-gap analysis ensures best fit candidates for any role, environment, and culture. It also allows managers to determine the best way to coach, train, and onboard specific employees for quickest time to productivity.

We can help you:

  • Decode what drives job fit for any position
  • Establish a consistent and reliable hiring process
  • Improve interview skills and attract higher quality talent
  • Manage resume overflow and prioritize hiring choices
  • Leverage hiring data to scale onboarding programs
  • Make hiring a competitive advantage

Experience the advantage of 60+ years of hiring data

Our vast repository of insights and best-in-class consulting network empower you with a wealth of knowledge, guiding you towards making informed hiring decisions.

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