Your Leadership Landscape

Hello and Welcome to the Leader Success Program for
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This course offers the opportunity to invest in your leadership acumen. Dedicate only a few minutes each week to complete the lessons, consider the questions and complete the activities.

Each lesson will seem to be a very small step, but over the course of this program, whether you fast track and complete it within a month, or if you spread it out a bit, you’ll make huge progress and level up your leadership and management approach.

Taking part in this program is also worthwhile because it helps to reinforce your learning with regards to connecting people strategy with business strategy, plus leveraging the PI language and methodology.

Today is Lesson 1 in Module 1. Our focus is on your Leadership Landscape.

Leadership Landscape refers to the “topography” of where, how and why you engage as a leader (at any level). Let’s identify what your landscape looks like and how that will help you to prioritize your focus in this challenge.

Over the course of the program, we will explore all these areas in more depth as they are interrelated. Consider also what aspects here are within your span of influence.

Identifying and naming your opportunity for growth is an important step in leveraging the power of self-awareness, as well as to stay focused on moving forward. Self-awareness is the most important leadership competency to develop. It serves as your compass for what’s possible as you strive for your own personal best.